This week, July 23-29, is #LovePDX week here at Portland First! Every day this week, we have a project prepared for you to join that shows the love of God to our city. The week will culminate with a Celebration Luncheon following the worship service on July 30.

We want to maximize each opportunity to serve and shine the light of Jesus through social media. Matthew 5:16 says, “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” With this truth in mind, we want to encourage each person who is on social media and who serves during #LovePDX week to post quality content on social media. Please use the hashtag #LovePDX on all social media posts. Sharing this hashtag allows us to collaborate and share each other’s posts. You can also post the #LovePDX logo by downloading it here.

Consider using the following posts as a guide for each project:

Sunday, July 23: School Partnership –
My church has a partnership with Scott Elementary School. Today we are building planter boxes so the kids can grow vegetables. #LovePDX

Monday, July 24: Refugee Care Day
My church is partnering with Refugee Care Collective to provide basic kitchen items for refugees in the PDX area. #LovePDX

Tuesday, July 25: Foster Care BBQ Lunch & Field Trip (*Please refrain from posting face pictures of the kids and their families. Get creative and show yourself, tiny feet, and the zoo.)
My church is partnering with The Family Room to provide lunch and a field trip to the zoo for foster children and their families. #LovePDX

Wednesday, July 26: PPS Special Ed Field Day
My church is partnering with Portland Public Schools to host a field day for kids with special needs today. #LovePDX #FacePainting #Party

Thursday, July 27: Night Strike
My church is participating in Night Strike tonight! We are serving the homeless under Burnside Bridge. #LovePDX #FeedTheHungry #Pray

Friday, July 28: Echo Ranch
Today my church is partnering with Echo Ranch to serve survivors of sex trafficking. We are building greenhouses and planter boxes. #LovePDX

Saturday, July 29: Outgrowing Hunger
Today my church is partnering with Outgrowing Hunger to spruce up community gardens to provide food for low-income families. #LovePDX

For more info on each project or to sign up, visit our #LovePDX page.


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