Hey, Portland First People!  It’s good to be back home in Oregon!

I want to say a special thanks to Pastor Robb Gossen who filled in for me on Sundays the past two weeks. He did an excellent job of kicking off our new teaching series – Making Your Mark. In week one, he reminded us that life is short and we need to live each day seeking to leave an intentional mark on the world for eternity. I’m so thankful for guys like Mac Soderquist who model this kind of life for us. If you missed Mac’s story, you can watch it here.

Last week, Pastor Robb shared how we can make our mark in the marketplace. Many of us spend more waking hours at work each week than we spend in our own homes. Have you ever thought about how you could spend all those hours at work each week as an act of worship to God, as a way to magnify Him and to bring Him glory? The way you go about your work could leave a lasting impression on those you work with, and I believe God could and would use it to point others to Him.

I’m glad to be back and to have the opportunity to be a part of this series. God has really been challenging me through it on a personal level, and I know there are some adjustments I need to make, especially in the area we will discuss this Sunday, July 9. I hope you will join me this Sunday us as we talk about making our mark in our neighborhoods. It seems to me that we may be overlooking one of the primary ways God has instructed us to leave our mark on the world – those who live, eat, and sleep a few feet from our front doors.

Summer has finally arrived in Oregon! That means family vacations, weekend getaways, etc. We truly want you to enjoy your summer and special times with your family…just don’t forget to make your mark on the world as you go. Live each day loving people like Jesus would and glorifying God through your life. Please join our community of faith for worship when you are in town and, if you do miss, you can always join us on Facebook live or listen later on our website.

See you soon!

Pastor Brandin


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