Hello, Portland First People!

I want to encourage you to join us this weekend as we wrap up our teaching series, The Art of Bouncing Back. This series has been a great faith builder and has reminded us that through Christ we are a resilient people who can bounce back from life’s challenges stronger than before and filled with joy.

I hope you will make it a point to join us for this final message in the series. Much of the series has focused on how we bounce back from circumstances that are often out of our control. But this Sunday we will be looking at how we can bounce back from personal failures and shortcomings.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few failures and shortcomings in life, and I’m sure I will have more. How you and I respond to those moments in our life will greatly determine their long-term impact. The good news is that you and I can choose a response to personal failures and shortcomings that produces restoration and joy.

So, I encourage you to join us for another great weekend at PDX First, and if you happen to be out of town this weekend, please join our live stream on Facebook.

Your Friend In Christ,

Brandin Melton
Lead Pastor, PDX First


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