Good morning! Thanks for being a part of the PDX First community of faith. Here are three things you should know this week:

  1. Thanks for making Trunk-or-Treat a fun event! I cannot thank you enough for making the Trunk-or-Treat such a fun thing to be a part of. I was amazed at the amount of passion and creativity that you all put into your trunk decorations. As your pastor, I am so proud of the hard work that each and every volunteer put into the evening. It was a great night, and every child and parent who participated was blessed by all that you did. Thank you!
  2. Get engaged in PDX First’s Process of Discipleship this Sunday. Spiritual growth is a process, and it is best seen in a sequential, step by step journey. At PDX First it is our goal to provide a step by step process to help you grow in your relationship with God. (View a diagram of our discipleship process here: Discipleship_Process.) There are two specific steps you can engage in this Sunday:
    • The Basics Class — 9:15 AM in the Fireside Room. The Basics Class is designed to give you all the basics of our faith: the basics of salvation, an overview of the Bible, a brief Biblical history, tools for studying the Bible, and an understanding of the sacraments. But perhaps the most helpful component to The Basics Class is the opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have concerning Christianity, the Bible, other religions, etc.
    • First Step — 12:00 PM in the Fireside Room. First Step is designed to help you in your relationship with Jesus Christ in one or more of the following ways: take your first step into a relationship with Jesus Christ, take your first step on the path to seeking Jesus Christ first in your life, take your first step in your relationship with our community of faith, take your first step in an intentional process of discipleship.
  3. Join us this week for Part 2 of A Survivor’s Guide to the End of the World. This series gives us some hope-filled keys to surviving what the Bible refers to as the “last days.” Last Sunday we looked at the first key to survival — be ready. If you missed it, I would really encourage you to check it out online by clicking here. After some prayerful consideration, I am going to switch things up a little this week and we are going to look at one of the most powerful keys to survival — travel light. You won’t want to miss this message! I believe it is one of the most powerful and transformational truths in this series. So, join us and bring a friend this Sunday at 10:30 AM for Part 2 of A Survivor’s Guide to the End of the World.

Your Friend In Christ,

Brandin Melton, Lead Pastor


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