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Please call or email Karen Garrison at 503-297-6100 or

Portland First Church of the Nazarene has always been a people who exhibit a lifestyle of generosity – a willingness to share all that we are and all that we have as a reflection of God’s love and grace.  We believe not only in the importance of generosity but we also believe in the promises of God that are directly connected to generosity. We teach and practice the Biblical command of giving tithes (10% of your gross income) and offerings (love gift over and above your tithe). We also believe that God releases a special blessing on those that trust Him in their finances and obey Him in their giving. (Luke 6:38)

Your participation in giving to the work that God is doing in Portland matters. Each and every financial gift is so important to our ministry. To make giving an easy process for our church, we have partnered with PushPay for both our online and mobile giving platforms. You can give online now or by downloading the PushPay app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

PushPay is a Christian organization dedicated to harnessing technology to make giving convenient for church-goers. PushPay is completely safe and very secure. If you’d like, you can read more about their security protocols here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email Karen Garrison at 503-297-6100 or

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