Band Resources

Being a part of PDX Worship Teams is an exciting and important responsibility. We wanted to give you every resource possible to set you up for success. Below are links to specific articles, videos, and weblinks that will help you in your journey to become a stronger musician and worshipper of Jesus.



Drumming is more than just keeping a rhythm. Drumming helps to set the tone for the worship experience. A sensitive drummer with an eye and heart on worship always wins out over a technically successful drummer. If you're a part of a team or interested in knowing more, this is your place.



The tonal backbone to any band, it's the bass that the entire band leans on for solid pocket playing. If you're interested in learning how to be a solid bass player this is your place.



Electric and Acoustic guitars add a sense of rhythm and musicality. From percussive strumming to soaring and catchy riffs. If you're on a mission to learn more about these amazing instruments, this is your place.



Keyboards have taken the most drastic shift over the years. It's at this point in worship that Keys makes a beautiful comeback. From background pad to arpeggiated polymorphs, if you want to find out how you fit with this gift then this is your place.