Baptism is a public confession of faith for those who have readily begun their journey with Christ as the center. PDX First baptizes through emersion, meaning your former life and sin is put to death when you enter the water and the symbolism of new life coming forward is experienced when you emerge from the waters.

Emersion is symbolic but not necessary for baptism. If you feel you are unable to enter the baptism pool, have an eversion to water, are too young, or feel you are too old we also give the opportunity to be baptized through Pour-over.

PDX First currently offers our Baptism 101 workshop that we ask you to attend prior to your baptism date. The workshop is a one hour course that helps you to understand the importance as well as some of the basics behind what happens during your baptism.

If you are interested in being baptized please follow the link below to sign up for our Baptism 101 workshop. We'll contact you shortly about the availability of the next course.