The Created

I’m a person who loves the Creation Poem. 

As someone who is a creative, watching the ultimate creative mind start from nothing and finish at salvation (have you noticed that? God said everything was good in Genesis but never said He was done. Jesus said they were finished when they created salvation, but that’s beside the point here)


The ultimate creative process. It’s a thing of beauty and it’s something I’m drawn to.

I feel like part of the reason why is because the story shows God creating something from nothing. It’s not that He takes something that’s been made and makes something else.

Humans are pretty good at that. We pull from our experience; from what we know, what we remember, and even the stuff we don’t remember that’s repressed. 

This is probably why Ecclesiastes says there’s nothing new under the sun. 

We’re good at taking a seed of an idea from someone or somewhere else and building on it. 


I like movies.

So let’s take movies for an example. Nearly all movie plots fall into 6 different stories. I could spend an entire post getting into this but I won't. Seriously, 

though, everything from Citizen Kane, to Batman Begins, to Dumb and Dumber falls into one of six catagories. 

(Check this site out to see what I mean)


But God doesn’t lean on these tropes. God starts from black and creates light and color and substance and meaning.

With God all things really are new.

You see, God isn’t interested in recreating what was already done. 

But this doesn’t mean God won’t use the worn, broken and bruised. He just wants to use them His way.


Sometimes God chooses to fill in the cracks and even in that way a new thing is made. Have you ever seen a sealed pot? 

What’s often used is gold. 

Gold is melted down and delicately poured into the cracks and crevices filling in the shattered areas and sealing the pot fully. When the process is done the intricate webbing of gold meshed into the clay is strikingly beautiful. The pot, once unusable, is now stronger than before. Let that sink in for a minute.


The most precious metal we know.

Filling the broken areas to make something new.

Something beautiful.


Something better than before.


It’s not hard to make the connection here to the life we live. This faith life. If God is about doing a new thing we must be moldable enough to allow Him to do it. And trust me when I say God is always about making all things new. 

Because God doesn’t do the same thing twice. To do so would mean He needed to improve upon the first creation in the second, and He doesn’t need to do that. God made it perfect the first time.

We are a beautiful cracked creation living in a broken and sinful world. There is a Creator, however, who is always about creating something new. 

It’s time to give up bullheadedness, stubbornness, and pride. It’s time to recognize our brokenness through the lens of humility. It’s time to accept the God has a new and better thing for us. 

If God is the gold and we are the pot then it is up to us to be redone and reused, or the world will break us down to dust.


There's just something about that story that gets me.


That story of creation, where God's breath breathed in and words spoke the stars into place. He breathed out and man's lungs were filled with life. Jesus breathed in His last breath on the cross and breathed out the completion of creation through salvation. He breathed in Victory in the tomb and breathed out the Holy Spirit to his created.

And we, we are the created.