Why are Impact Cards important?

Where focus goes, energy flows – Tony Robbins - This is what I saw with the Impact Card. When I focused on the 3 people in conversation with God, energy or as I might say movement flowed. God can work without us, but He chooses to work through us.

Back in 2016 (as best as I can remember) Pastor Brandin passed out Impact Cards and challenged us to start praying for 3 people God put on our hearts. I listed Katie, Marty and Kevin. I put the card in my Bible and on and off I would pray for them. In beginning of 2017 God made the desire for these 3 to know God stronger on my heart. I begin to pray for them more and more, longer and longer (past a sentence or two), and more earnestly.

Do you really believe God can draw the people on your impact card to Him? I will be honest - there were days or seasons when I just didn’t see anything and my arrow prayers were said without much faith. But during this deeper period of prayer with God for these individuals, God brought some books on prayer into my reading list that also helped me focus my prayers for these individuals – more intentional, more in battle for their souls, with more love and faith. So now for the rest of story … what about those 3 names … Katie and I have been friends for a long time. I worked with her at a past job and when I left that company I heard God say – don’t loose touch with Katie (you know how best intentions are when you leave school or a job to always stay in touch). We kept up our friendship over the years and every now and then I would invite her to Church and brunch. She would mostly say “how about I meet you for brunch”. We took day trips places, did crafty stuff together, eat meals, and shared some holidays, but to be honest I didn’t really see much movement spiritually. Katie knew I went to church and that God was important in my life, but never asked questions.

In 2017 things started to change in Katie’s life, occasionally I would hear her use the word blessed or thankfulness – words rarely in her vocabulary. I had also invited Katie to help volunteer at the Freedom Calling 5K and she enjoyed the people she met along with eh good work we were doing. Her younger brother died after abusing alcohol since a teen. During this period I prayed for peace, grace and an examining of life and eternity. Then her older brother was in a serious biking accident, that could have cost him his life. She called me after learning of her brother’s bike accident and asked me to say a prayer of thanksgiving. I was driving at the time she called and I said sure I will prayer for that with my eyes open. After that call I started asking some of my prayer warrior friends to join me in prayer for Katie, because it was the first time I saw some sprouting of spiritual interest. (as I write this it is a good reminder that many times we don’t see what God is doing underground, yet we need to keep the faith).

I soon after felt God prompting me to ask Katie to the Women’s retreat. I had been the year before an really appreciated the life stories shared by the women of the church. So I gave Katie a call about the retreat and she said yes (though later I would find out that she didn’t know 30+ women would be there – she thought it was a few of the people she had met at the 5K). During that retreat God drew Katie to Him through the real life stories of the women who shared, the songs song, and the hang-out times. She came to give her life to Christ and continues to be a part of our church family.

I met Marty in an art classes about 10 or so years ago, and she was an answer to a prayer I had prayed. I asked God for an art friend who lived within 5 miles of me and liked the same kind of art I did, and enjoyed going to art classes. Marty believes in the spiritual world and went to a church school growing up. She tends to embrace a lot of different spiritualities. But all along I have told her she is an answer to prayer (she is 4.8 miles from me, is retired from an HR career, and like taking similar art classes). In addition talked about my faith and how I art journal about my faith. Marty did attend a women’s evening event where I taught a little on Scripture journaling. During the time of more intense prayer, God answered by moving a friend of mine who has a deep relationship with Jesus into Marty’s house as a roommate. I feel like God is surrounding her, and I continue to prayer for her to come to know Jesus, God is on the move, especially since she last year her father passed away.

Kevin and I have been friends since algebra trig in High School. In High School he didn’t have a father who was really around, and my Dad filled a little of that role, he went on a few family trips too. We remained in touch as he went to boot camp and was sent around the world. I have vacationed in France with him and his wife, Deb. Deb doesn’t seem to have much spiritual interest, so she is on the list when I pray for Kevin. Kevin knows Jesus but has struggle in his faith walk. But since having him on my prayer card he is growing deeper in his faith and seeking God more deeply. We now trade books back and forth, and recently he challenged me about something in one of the books I had given him – do I know my neighbors. They recently moved to Texas and I am praying for strong believers to surround Kevin and Deb – where they live, in their workplace, and friend group.

I want to challenge you (and myself too) to take seriously the impact cards. God is on the move and wants us to participate with Him in reaching people for Christ.