At PDX First it is our firm belief that God desires us to experience wholeness in every aspect of our lives, including our emotional life. This journey with Jesus can take us into some complex areas of our lives that we don't fully understand and it is often helpful to get insight and perspective from trained professionals who are also followers of Jesus.

On this page you will find a list of counselors and therapists who are recommended by PDX First Church. To the best of our knowledge, each of these counselors are followers of Jesus and strive to holistically address emotional and spiritual health.

These individuals have been vetted and recommended by several other pastors in the area, though we are not familiar with all of them. Therefore, you should do your own evaluations in choosing a counselor. That being said, we are hopeful that this list will serve as a good starting point for you.

Please let us know if there are other ways we can help you as you walk this journey! We are confident that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Grace & Peace,

PDX First Church Leadership

Counseling (Male & Female) (Portland Area)

• Danette Buchanan, M.S. LPC, 240-529-2048, (Pastoral Counselor, EMDR specialist, Depression, Anxiety, Ages 8-99, Beaverton)

• Susan Hausch, LPC, RN, 503.799.7666,

• Susanna Heger, LPCi, 503.966.2984, (specializing in Marriage & Family)

• Sarah Probst, LPC, 503.619.6994, (Specializes in Trauma)

A New Day Counseling Center at Western Seminary – 503 .517 .1895 (SE Portland)

• Debbie Woo, LPCi (Premarital Coaching, Anxiety/Depression, Life Transitions, Identity Issues )

• Sovann Pen, LPC (Specializing in Sleep Issues and Sexual Addiction)

• Tracy Lewis, LPC (Specializing in Life Transitions and Marriage Coaching)

• Ken Logan, PsyD

• Jeff Eldredge, LPCi

• Full list of Counselors at

Cornerstone Clinical Services – 503.786.1711 (Milwaukie)

• Timothy Perkins, Psy.D (Specializing in Children & Adolescents)

• James Putman, Psy.D (Specializing in Adolescents) Counseling (Male & Female; Vancouver, WA)

• Chuck Verro, LPC, 360.696.3600 (Specializing in Marriage & Sexual Addiction)

• Jeff Babcock, LPC, 360.693.7454

Group/Grief Counseling

• The Dougy Center (Children Experiencing Grief & Loss) 503.775.5683

• HEART: Post Abortion; Confidential voicemail, 503.224.3278 Resources for Crisis / Sexual Assault

• Crisis Line, 503.669.8350

• Sexual Assault Crisis Line, 503.640.5311