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Welcome to INFUSE. The worship & production training workshop for PDX First. Below you'll find all the necessary links for resources, coursework and training videos. If you and any questions, feel free to email here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Session 01

Orientation & Love/Intentionality - Planning Center Overview 

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Session 02

Love Others & Pursue Excellence - Breakout Sessions

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Session 03

Enjoy Life & Reach - In Ear Systems & Personal Monitoring

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Session 04

Raise & Release - Where Do We Go from Here?

Additional Resources


Next Infuse Workshop

If you've missed any of the workshops or are interested in going through them again (Which is totally fine by us!) Feel free to sign up below.


Infuse Teacher

It takes a lot to make sure an INFUSE workshop runs efficiently and brings the most information to our worship & production teams is possible. If you'd like to be considered to help in teaching any of the INFUSE breakouts please sign up below.


Song Season Suggestion

Our songs are chosen in advance and prayed over and prepared. If you've got a suggestion for a song you think would be great for the next Song Season at PDX First please let us know below.