Praying for Easter @ PDXFirst

  • Write down the names of five people you will pray for and will invite to PDX First on Easter Sunday.

  • Pray for the worship gathering. If possible, visit the church during the week and walk through the worship center praying over specific seats.

  • Pray there will be more visitors than members attending.

  • Pray lives will be saved, rededicated, and changed.

  • Pray marriages will be saved and families will be restored.

  • Pray for Pastor Brandin as he prepares and communicates God’s Word.

  • Pray for those being baptized, that it would be a meaningful step in their faith and their witness would be powerful.

  • Pray for all our volunteers and guest services team who will be serving.

  • Pray for those serving in the children’s ministry, that they would clearly communicate what Easter is all about.

  • Pray the worship team would effectively lead the congregation to totally focus on the One being worshipped.

  • Pray for the technology (sound system, computers, etc.) and those controlling it.

  • Pray for an effective follow-up the days and weeks after Easter.