Special Request:

Continue to Pray For:

 David Anderson, son of Steve and Borgny Anderson. He has received some very positive results from tests that the doctors ran and he has been able to return to limited work hours.

Dorothy Eby (ongoing health issues), Amy Echols (various health issues), Jon & Lois Gardner (ongoing health issues), Barb Garner (ongoing health issues), Lolly Powell (various health issues), Minnie Richards (treatment for lower back), and Frances Wise (various health issues).

Please continue to pray for Holly Derbyshire Walker, Susan Bailey's sister. Holly was moved out of the hospital into a rehab center this past weekend, but last word is that she may be going back to hospital with pancreatitis.

Please continue to pray for Chelsea Phelps as she continues to heal from this latest round of blood clots, this time in her left leg. She is healing and feeling better, and we are thankful that we have found a new specialist to help her.

Continued prayer is requested for Edythe Leupp who will be starting treatment for diagnosed cancer. The prognosis is very hopeful as this is not an aggressive form of cancer.


Military Families:

Cameron Oxley, grandson of Gail & Kitty Hill

Ryan Marchbanks, son-in-law of Doug & Brenda Hess

Brandon Smith, son-in-law of Tad & Toddine Newberry

Bryan Smith, son of Dave & Cindy Smith

Dylan Sparley, son-in-law of Doris Newton-Skinner

Robert De’Tienne, grandson of Ken & Miriam Puckett

Abe Mitchell, grandson of Mel & Carol Schroeder


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