Special Request:

Special prayer is requested for Mary Lou Jensen and her family as she is on hospice.

Prayer is requested for Minnie Richards who has started treatment for a diagnosis in her lower back. Pray for the doctors and pray that her pain would subside.


Continue to Pray For:

Dorothy Eby (ongoing health issues), Amy Echols (various health issues), Jon & Lois Gardner (ongoing health issues), Barb Garner (ongoing health issues), Lolly Powell (various health issues), and Frances Wise (various health issues).


Military Families:

Cameron Oxley, grandson of Gail & Kitty Hill

Ryan Marchbanks, son-in-law of Doug & Brenda Hess

Brandon Smith, son-in-law of Tad & Toddine Newberry

Bryan Smith, son of Dave & Cindy Smith

Dylan Sparley, son-in-law of Doris Newton-Skinner

Robert De’Tienne, grandson of Ken & Miriam Puckett


Person of the Week:

Carol Taylor

2020 NW Northrup #1117

Portland, Or. 97209


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