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Terms & Conditions:

Emails & Text Alerts Terms
I acknowledge and I am okay with Portland First sending me text messages or emails as a communication tool. I understand that standard message rates may apply, and Portland First is not responsible for those rates. I understand that I can cancel my subscription to these alerts at any time.

Privacy POLICY:

Portland First Church of the Nazarene values your visits to our website. Because of this, we want you to know what we do with any personal information you give us through our website—and what we won’t do with that information.

We will only use your personal information in the ways specified when it was collected. We will not subsequently change the way in which we use your personal information, unless you consent to the new usage.

What We Do
Information gathered from fill-in forms is kept in a protected database on the Portland First server for later retrieval. All such information is periodically deleted from the database.

All information gathered from fill-in forms on the Portland First website is sent to the Portland First offices in Portland, Oregon for processing and fulfillment.

What We Don’t Do
We do not sell, trade or rent personal information gathered from the Portland First website to any third-party.

We do not “trap” e-mail addresses from unsuspecting browsers on the Portland First site.

We do not release personal information about any Portland First site visitor unless first requesting permission from that person.

If you have questions about the Portland First website and/or our Privacy Policy please contact Robb Gossen, in the church office at 503-297-6100.